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Stick Reamix

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Jaream gives us another Reamix, Remixing Dreamville's Stick, Jaream details his origins from the heavens above and proclaims himself a king. Long may he reign.


I am the lord wit the pen, King author
I am the king amongst authors
Hide my light, cuz if I shine my light then it’s all dead corpses
Fuck that I’m off it
I’ll paint you a portrait Of where I’m from
All gold streets, and the angels sung
But there was one, with plans and tales
He promised some
Rebellion, well then, some bells were rung
As they fell
The heavens prevailed
But some of us questioned
The lesson
To get from
Contesting the brethren
I hid my wings and Commune wit pedestrians
Tho I stepped back from a reverend
They still hold reverence
Cuz you can get blessed just being in my presence
Healing yo crown like ecedrin
Straight from the starts I’ve descended
And I’m on mission
To make sure the empty replenished
I am the one bearing water for all who thirsty for knowledge
They claim that I’m crazy psychotic, and blame the narcotics
But it’s just the chronic
I’m going bionic
I told you my Sega this flow go so sonic
Made myself a promise
I’ll never stop rhyming
Just a need a lil season like a pack of ramen
If I fall I’m spring up
Like Maury or Springer

You are not the father *Maury*

If I fall ima spring up
Like Maury or springer
Im cold as the mamba in Phoenix
You know I’m the winner
And ima be hot as the sum of, two suns up, this summer
Parading the streets like the mummers
We won
And so I look like a come up
But run up get done up
You pussies don’t want it WIT REAM

When I was down they ignored me
Now I’m up and they all like aye yo Reamy
Cash rules everything round me
Said I made the kitty get, kitty get creamy creamy
They used to make fun now they all wanna jock
Yeah they all, all wanna be me, be me

God damn this is how you start a fucking wave
I been getting paid more on my off days
Left the church
But I still ain’t never seen the cross fade
And Im balling on these niggas hit em wit a cross fade
I been sipping I been rolling
Yeah I been Cross faded
And I’m short tempered if you double cross, fade
So my old friends don’t ever wanna cross ways
Yeah do you get the Notion
I been going thru the motions
Gotta demon inside don’t provoke em
But if you rub Reamy wrong I invoke em