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Delusions of Grandeur

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I have the habit of making monsters out of the people I love. I am constantly waiting for the shoe to drop and for people to ultimately betray me.


I ain’t no amateur
I don’t make hits I make anthems
These rappers are cancer
Rap about shit they don’t stand for
Delusions of grandeur
Thinking they fly, this the a stand off
Yah, cuz this is a no fly zone
And you shall not pass
Bitch I’m Gandalf
The flow is so magic
But I’m talking Johnson no Potter
I pass it
I’m sensitive and baby think that I’m passive
But once I go crazy they saying it’s madness
Fuck it, you know what I’m giving havoc
I was chasing the bag
But the bag was a catfish
My ex wanted space and I gave that bitch Nasa
And then me and this milf just fell into disaster
Sound like Joey Greco boutta come catch ya
And I know Lil mermaid but she got Sebastians
And to think that I started my life as a pastor
I was praying for peace
But I kept getting sadness
I used to come to altar
Like Nigga what happened
Niggas be all in collusion
It’s all an illusion
Everybody’s a fan but you know who your fam is
When you Losing
In the county just cruising
Reflecting on all of my bumps, scars, open wounds, and the bruises
Young and so stupid
Turn the block like a rubrics
Tryna see where the crew is
Daddy called me a doofus
And to be honest the shoe fits
Cuz I’m in the booth going stupid
Run it back yeah I juke shit
They talk never do shit
And I was born on V day
So you know I’m a shooter and thats word to cupid
But I aim for the moon bitch
So I’m calling up Houston
Cuz I got some problems
I been tryna navigate thru
The voices gotten so hateful
Since i’ve hidden from angels
Fell from heaven broke the halo
Now they thinking that I’m devilish
I been really in the hellish pits
And I really learn to relish it
My Philly n*ggas throwing shells and shit
You know we known for cracking bells and shit
Living fast but we dying quick
So I grew into an alchemist
Every word is a spell or wish
I told my niggas we about to get rich
We bout get to rings we boutta get to chips
And word to Drizzy I want all the dip
You link wit the pHoenix you bound to get lit
Raising these kings straight out the crypt
Straight out the manger or straight out the crib
I knew what I was
I knew what it is
Defying death because I gotta live
So I put my soul in the mix
This is my soul that you hearing
This my essence
Ever present wit a message
Ever present wit blessing
Ever present wit a death wish
Cuz I can’t be who I was yesterday nah I gotta dead shit
I gotta behead shit
Delusions of Grandeur
Fuck is you saying my nigga
I feel like I’m christ cuz they keep on betraying a nigga
So how is you blaming me nigga
We posed to be gang but you still wanna bang wit these niggas
Its bigger Than music
You niggas is clueless
Critiquing my shit but you niggas don’t do shit
I been feeling so ruthless
I’m under duress
Looking round like I wonder who next
Cuz nowadays they don’t stab at ya back
Nowadays they just aim for neck
These boys can’t speak wit they chest
So how the fuck I’m pose to trust em wit checks
I want a lot but I need less
And I keep that in check
I need respect
I don’t need you to spoil me
I just wanted loyalty
And the first time my peace left
You plotted destroying me
And my anger is righteous
You angered me royally
And I’m seeing you clear now
The love was distorting me
So now it’s just business
Gotta handle you corporately
Underhanded motherfucker
Regret the days I ever loved ya
Judas of Iscariot
Hung the noose watch you tie the knot
They love me, they love me not

Delusions of Grandeur